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privacy policy

We respect the personal information and privacy of customers who use "Inquiries" and "Coach Recruitment" and customers who have already done business with us. I am working every day to do

   We strictly manage and store any personal information provided by customers, use it only for our business, and never provide or share it with a third party without your consent. I'm sorry.

   Personal information provided will be promptly discarded and strictly disposed of, even if it is a temporary inquiry or employment (non-employment).

We will never provide or share personal information with a third party without permission, or conduct DM or sales activities.

   Information that can be obtained by our company Described in the "inquiry form", "enrollment application form", etc. (anything related to reception, enrollment, personal guidance), "coach recruitment form", etc. information received, and information about telephone inquiries.

   Management of Information Provided Kurawanka Sports is responsible for the management and storage of information provided by everyone.


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