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​Parent's voice

● [4th grade elementary school girl mother Kyoto]

I play women's soccer, but I've learned not to lose in competitions with opposing defenders or in the first step. I think it was good that he was able to practice while enjoying the three months of lessons with the teacher. I'm very picky about my likes and dislikes, so when it comes to training with a teacher I don't like, I don't listen to what I say at all. thank you very much.

● [Second grade girl mother]

"You can now swim the 25-meter crawl." I went to a swimming school, but my child was worried because I couldn't improve my crawl. A child with a developmental disorder (ADHD Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) might be better suited to individual instruction than group swimming lessons. I asked for a coach at a physical education tutor.
He carefully showed me the sample, and it seemed that it was very easy for children to understand, and it seemed that they were motivated, and after that, they steadily improved. I am currently practicing breaststroke at swimming school. I really feel that I am glad that I applied for a sports tutor.

● [5th grade elementary school boy mother Osaka]

"The dash is now faster." I'm learning soccer, but I'm always late because I don't have the instantaneous power. 2As I asked a physical education tutor for a month and practiced running and trunk training with the coach, there was no big difference with other children. Both my father and I are amazed at the growth of our children.

●[High School 3rd Year Girl Mother Kyoto]​

​  My daughter was wrestling, but she couldn't dodge a tackle from her opponent and was quickly knocked down. However, by steadily practicing trunk training for two months, I was able to avoid the opponent's tackle, and even if I was tackled, I was able to prevent it firmly. It doesn't look like a glamorous training, but I learned the importance of working hard.

● [Junior high school 2
Grade boy mother Osaka】​​

​ I have been playing rugby since junior high school. Although they are good at passing and kicking with the ball, their physical strength is weak when they are hit by tackles or when they are attacked by the opponents. When I was looking online to see if there was anything that would benefit my child, I came across Mori Sensei's trunk training. He told me that he would come to Kita Ward in Osaka City, so I immediately contacted him and gave him guidance. At First, I wonder if this kind of practice will make me stronger? I thought, but the continuation is power, and I've been working hard for 2 months, and I've come out with the strength of the body that can't lose to the tackle and the tackle from the opponent. This could become a regular. I had a really good relationship. Thank you for your continued support.

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