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​Frequently Asked Questions

[Where do you do your lessons?] ]


A. It will be held in a nearby park or vacant lot. What will you do if it rains?


[What if the child is sick on the day of the lesson and cannot take the lesson?] ]


A. No cancellation fee will be charged if you contact us 1 hour before the lesson starts on the day.


[Can I choose lessons once a week, once a month, or 2-3 times a week? ]


A. You can choose freely. You can also change the content of each lesson.


[Do you provide transportation to and from the lesson location?] ]


A. We do not provide transportation. We will meet with the coach on site.


[Is there anything to prepare for the lesson outside? ]


A. When using a dodgeball or soccer ball, it is necessary to prepare.


[What if it rains during the lesson or if the child gets sick? ]


A. The fee from the start of the lesson to that time will be calculated and paid.


[Is there anything necessary for the lesson when swimming? ]


A. You will need a swimming cap, swimsuit, goggles, and towel.


[Do I need to pay for swimming other than the lesson fee?] ]

A. You will also be responsible for the coach facility fee.

[When swimming, my child cannot change clothes by himself. ]


A. It's okay. The coach will help you change clothes.

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