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​About Swimming Tutor

★ What is a swimming tutor?

Individual instruction and small group instruction (up to 2 people) will guide you to achieve your swimming goals.


◆Common requests are

▶ I want to be able to crawl 25 meters

▶ I want to be able to swim the face-up breaststroke for long distance swimming

▶ I want to be able to put my face on because I'm afraid of water

▶ I want to be able to swim the crawl and breaststroke form beautifully

◆The fee is

​ 60 minutes = 5,000 yen (cost of transportation(There are areas where

 For 2 people 5,000 yen ÷ number of people

(+ facility usage fee)

(+ sports insurance fee 1,000 yen) Once a year at the beginning of the new fiscal year


[Osaka Eriah】

Osaka city(Kita Ward, Miyakojima Ward, Fukushima Ward, Konohana Ward, Chuo Ward, Nishi Ward, Minato Ward, Tennoji Ward, Naniwa Ward, Nishiyodogawa Ward, Yodogawa Ward, Higashiyodogawa Ward, Higashinari Ward, Asahi Ward, Joto Ward, Tsurumi Ward, Abeno Ward, Hirano Ward) Hirakata,Takatsuki City, Katano City, Neyagawa City, Kadoma City, Moriguchi City, Settsu City, Ibaraki City, Toyonaka City, Suita City, Shimamoto Town, Shijonawate City, Daito City, Minoh City, Ikeda City


[Kyoto area]

Kyoto City (Nakagyo Ward, Shimogyo Ward, Sakyo Ward, Ukyo Ward, Minami Ward, Higashiyama Ward, Yamashina Ward) Kyotanabe City, Uji City, Yawata City, Muko City, Nagaokakyo City, Joyo City, Oyamazaki Town, Seika Town ,Kizugawa City

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