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​About guidance results

● [8-year-old boy, 6th grade elementary school student]

 There was a 25-meter swimming crawl test in a physical education class at school, and they asked me to help them learn how to swim. After 3 days of short-term swimming lessons, I was able to swim 25 meters.

● [14-year-old male second-year junior high school student]

He plays soccer as part of his club activities, but loses if his body hits him in a competition. 2 months with lessons twice a week centering on trunk training. It is now possible to not lose the competition with the opponent.

● [5-year-old boy, kindergartener]

He has a developmental disorder (autism spectrum disorder ASD), and it is difficult to move his hands and feet at the same time. I've been practicing sensory integration, and I've been able to move in sync.

● [6-year-old girl, kindergarten child]

"I wasn't good at exercising with a ball." I had a developmental disorder (ADHD attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder) and was unable to catch the ball well while concentrating. However, after practicing for two months, I was able to catch the ball well, and now I'm practicing throwing it.

● [5-year-old female kindergarten child]

Practicing to master the tasks that will appear on the practical exam for elementary school entrance exams. It took me a long time to jump the front of the jump rope, but I was able to jump 10 times in a row.

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