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Message from the President

2 minutes walk from Keihan Makino Station

​Start a gymnastics class for up to 3 people!





• マット運動:基本の転がりから難しい技まで、一人ひとりのレベルに合わせた指導。

• 縄跳び:単純な跳び方から複雑な技まで、楽しみながら協調性とリズム感を養います。

• 鉄棒:ぶら下がりから回転まで、安全第一で技術向上を目指します。 



 運動を通じて、運動神経の向上だけでなく、体幹を強化し、日常生活における姿勢や動作の改善にもつながります。 楽しく学び、成長できる環境を提供。

 少人数制ならではの、温かく楽しい学びの場を提供しています。お子さまが自然と身体を動かす楽しさを感じ、自己表現の幅を広げることができるよう支援しています。 体操を通じて、子どもたちの「できた!」を増やし、心身共に健康な成長をサポートします。お子さまの「やってみたい!」を、当教室で形にしましょう。


Through the MORI training gymnastics class

★ Learn how to use and move your body

​★ Aiming to improve motor skills and competitiveness

★Improve your core, improve your balance, and improve your physicality 

★ Acquisition of physical education content in elementary school (mat exercise, jump rope, etc.)​

★​ Learn courtesy, tidying up, and helping each other

Features of the MORI training gymnastics class

■ Small number of people and less waiting in line

■ There is no promotion table or test, and you can move your body freely

■ Lessons can be done while communicating

​■If there are many students on vacation, sometimes it becomes one-on-one instruction

​■If there are 5 Saturdays, there are 5 classes per month.

​ Exercise barefoot (you can also wear indoor shoes)







​Day and time, lesson location

11-22 Makino Shimojima-cho, Hirakata-shi, Osaka (indoor)

● Every Saturday

①From 13:00 to 14:00 

No vacancies

➁From 14:10 to 15:10 

No vacancies

③ From 15:20 to ​until 16:20 

No vacancies

④From 16:30 to 17:30

​athlete course

No vacancies






● 毎週土曜日




The representative is Masaaki Mori.

Previously, he taught at swimming instructors, gymnastics classes, and local sports clubs. So, what I thought was that by facing each child individually and giving guidance according to the child's qualities and temperament, I thought that the child would grow even more.

In fact, as a sports tutor, the way a child moves and uses his or her strength is different. By giving them a little chance, they will give us a chance to take a step forward with confidence. Why don't you take this opportunity to create a chance for your child to take a step forward?

In addition, while continuing to volunteer for the pool, we are also focusing on teaching children with disabilities.

Parents who are thinking, "I hate exercise, I can't do it better than other children, I want to do better." Would you like to give your child confidence through lessons and foster various possibilities?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding exercise or childcare for your child.

Mori will respond to phone calls and emails.

 We are looking for people who have supported the support site, which started in the spring of 2021.

For those who support us, we will hold a limited event every month,

Support site ➡ MORI Square



● From July 2023, monthly fee 5,200 yen

(+ sports insurance fee 1,000 yen) Start of the new yeartime of year once a year

​ If there is space, you can take a free trial lesson only for the first time.

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